Welcome Back! January 3rd Newsletter

Headmaster/ Principal Newsletter

As the new year begins we want to take this time to remind all of our families of the attendance policies in the student handbook (page 18).  

Per the handbook, after four (4) absences, letters are emailed to the families to remind them of the importance of being at school.  Upon the 4th absence, students that are from 6th-12th grade will be given detention for this and every absence after.  A fee of $15.00 will be assessed to the student’s activity account.  

Once the student reaches six (6) absences it will be turned over to Mr. Rogers.

If the student reaches the ninth (9) absence, the administration will decide if the student has been present enough to be able to receive a passing grade or credit for that class.  (Refer to Grade Adjustment for Excessive Absences and Truancy (pgs. 19-21)

In regards to doctor’s notes, documentation from the doctor is vital to mark the absence as excused.  If your child requires a recurring, off-campus, appointment you can provide one standard letter signed by your physician that will cover all of the absences. 

Below is a list of the absences that will be considered excused: 

  • Doctor appointments with a doctor statement
  • School-sponsored activities
  • Suspension or change of placement for disciplinary reasons
  • Any absence deemed unavoidable, discretion is up to the principal 

All absences must be called in on the day of to notify the office that the student is absent and for what reason.  All students who have not been called in will receive a phone call to check on the whereabouts of the student and check on their well being.  

Tardies are also extremely disruptive to the learning environment.  Per the Student Handbook, (pg. 20), “A student who receives their sixth (6th) tardy of the semester will be administered detention.  Parents will be notified by school administration prior to the detention. Each additional tardy during the semester will result in an additional detention.  A fee of $15.00 will be assessed to the (student’s) activity account…”

We appreciate your help in this matter as we work together to ensure all students are reaching their full potential.  

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