Water Safety PE Field Trip: May 10, 5th – 9th grades


Our last theme for this school year is water safety. When summer gets here, most, if not all, children will be swimming at some point. We will cover topics about how to be safe in water. We will learn things like “never swim alone” and some basic lifesaving strategies.

On Friday, May 10th, we will go on a swimming field trip to the Salvation Army boys’ and girls’ club pool on 91st and Aspen in Broken Arrow. We will leave school at 8:45 and return by 11:45.  Please be sure your child has the appropriate swimwear. I will have the swim dress code policy typed below.

The dress code is as follows: “When swimming, females must wear a modest one-piece suit or a tankini-style suit that covers the torso and midriff (front, sides, and back); men must wear swimming trunks, no speedos, and should wear t-shirts when not in the swimming area.”

This should be a fun trip! The cost is 3$ billed via the FACTs account.

Emsy Clark
PE teacher