HS Students – Volunteer at Camp Bandage!

Volunteer at Camp Bandage

Kurt Klein has reached out to see if our HS students might like to volunteer at Camp Bandage this year.  It will be on Saturday May 4th from noon to 4 pm.  Set up starts at 8 am and Clean up starts at 4 pm.  To volunteer, click on the Sign up Image below.  

**HS students, remember any time you volunteer, you need to record the information on your resume.  Colleges, Tech Schools, and Employers look for well-rounded individuals who help in the Community.

Mrs. H


For parents and students unfamiliar with CB, Kathie Klein was our first ILCA office administrator when the school started, and her husband, Kurt Klein oversaw our school facilities.  Kurt and Kathie organize the event and over the years Immanuel church and school members, youth and students have volunteered their time to help make for an awesome learning event.

Emergencies happen. It can be a tornado, house fire, flood, or a car accident. No one wants to think about accidents or disasters. But being prepared for an emergency can help protect your family. The whole point of emergency preparation is to do as much as possible before an emergency happens. That’s why Camp Bandage was started. It is a way to educate the community about being prepared for emergencies and encourage you to lead that process.

We want you to share this information with family, friends, and neighbors. Working together, we can be prepared and keep your family safe.  Businesses and organizations across the community are on hand during Camp Bandage to teach everything from injury prevention, first aid and CPR as well as bike, water, fire and home safety. The Broken Arrow Police and Fire departments are on hand to simulate responding to a car accident in order to educate the community on how emergency responders work together.

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