Anyone can Volunteer at Camp Bandage!

***Volunteering is not just for HS students. MS students and under can volunteer WITH parents being present to help supervise.

HS Students,

I am sorry we didn’t get to help Up With Trees, but if you are still looking to volunteer and/or want to volunteer, Camp Bandage could definitely use your help!

Kurt Klein has reached out to see if our HS students might like to volunteer at Camp Bandage this year.  It will be on Saturday May 4th from noon to 4 pm.  Set up starts at 8 am and Clean up starts at 4 pm.  To volunteer, click on the Sign up Image below.

**HS students, remember anytime you volunteer, you need to record the information on your resume. Colleges, Tech Schools, Employers look for well-rounded individuals who help in the Community.

Mrs. H

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