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Monday, February 1
Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, Coach K will not be able to hold a practice on Monday, 2/1.
We will still have practice at Rhema’s indoor track at the same time (4:10–5:30 pm) on Tuesday and Thursday, however.
To make-up the missed Monday practice, on Friday (2/5), we will meet at ILCA after school at 3:30 pm and workout until about 4:40 pm or so.
(Rhema does not have any openings for us on Wednesdays and Fridays, sadly.)

Track Season is right around the corner – here is initial information for our team.

ILCA CC Alum (and Future Track Stars),

3 months later! Wow! It is now time to work off that Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham (if you are like Coach K), for Track & Field season is about to begin for non-basketball athletes.

The current plan for Track practices is the following: track practice for long-distance runners, sprinters, and hurdlers will begin this Monday (1/25) at about 4:10 pm and last until 5:30 pm (or so) at Rhema’s second-floor, 200m (1/8 mile) indoor track. During this time, we will warm-up, stretch, run a work-out, cool-down, and then finish with some light stretching.
Ab workouts will be done at home for the next few weeks; do 3-to-4 ab workouts each week.
We will be running on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for the first several weeks as the student-athletes improve their conditioning. To reduce the problems of running outside in the cold, we will run inside when possible for a while.
When entering/leaving Rhema and during the stretching period, all student-athletes will wear masks (although student-runners may–when running–choose to be mask-less, of course.)
As the year continues, we will build-up to practicing 4 days-a-week (Middle Schoolers: 6th-to-8th grade) and 5 days-a-week (High Schoolers). The likely schedule for these later weeks will be the following: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and (for High Schoolers and interested Middle Schoolers) Saturday.
When outdoor track meets begin in mid-to-late March, we will not have practice on the day of the meet, of course. If we have a meet on a weekday, the next day will be a light workout day (like in Cross Country).
Theoretically, we will run in 6-to-8 meets (or so) from mid-to-late March until early May.
(There will be no Indoor Track season this year most sadly, however; next year, we will plan to run in some indoor track meets in January and February, provided that the pandemic has largely retreated.)
Wednesdays and Sundays, therefore, will be rest days reserved for Church attendance, etc.; Wednesday evenings can also be used as the designated day for weekly/monthly doctor’s appointments for students who need to see medical attention for one reason or another.
The exact times for the later-this-year practices will vary, depending on the day; as we have more sun and the weather warms (and as we get in better shape!), the practices will be longer and more intense. The times will then shift to later in the evening when we will often run at BA’s track after BA has practiced.
Last semester, we were running Cross Country practices from 6:30-to-8:30; as the sunlight deteriorated, we moved the times back to 6:00-to-8:00 pm and back again to 6:00-7:30, which is likely the times for Outdoor Track practices once it is warmer.
For light running days later this year (perhaps early March), we will sometimes run in the vicinity of Immanuel after school at 3:30 pm.
Like last semester, if an “audible” is called, an email will be sent, notifying parents and student-athletes of a change of time and/or place. This might occur, for example, in February, if we were to have some warm and otherwise pleasant days, which we could use to run at BA’s track.
Practices for throwers (i.e., those participating in shotput and discus) and jumpers (i.e., long jump and high jump) will begin later this semester when we begin practicing outside.
There will be no pole vaulting, steeplechase, race-walking, or javelin events, however.

All the Best,

P.S. 5th graders may also practice with us if they so choose. In the event that an Elementary School (ES) Track season occurs, the 5th graders will then run with their younger teammates and under the leadership of the ES Coach(es); we are currently exploring the opportunities of having an ES Track team.




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