The Cast List for Newsies, Jr. The Musical

Hello ILCA families!

We have posted the Newsies, Jr. cast list outside the school office and on our website.  Please note that several students are cast in multiple roles, so be sure to read the entire list!  We are very excited to get started and will send out a schedule to participating families soon.  If your student is in the show and you have not turned in their form, please be sure to do so as soon as possible. Thanks to all who auditioned, and we will see you soon!

Jack KelleyNolan Long
Katherine PlumberAbby Stephens
WieselGabriel Waldron
Oscar DelanceyMicah Smith
Morris DelanceyZack Obrock
PulitzerNick Ratz
HannahOlvia Surratt
BunsenEmme Conway
SeitzIsaiah Nass
DarcyEmma Perkins
Dorothy (Katherine’s friend)Kaytlyn Fleming
Bill (Katherine’s friend)Emilyne Treat
Medda LarkinCamryn Bence
Ada (Brigade)Claire Surratt
Olive (Brigade)Ella Kantola
Ethel (Brigade)Kaytlyn Fleming
Elsie (Brigade)Bella Hauser
Pat (theater manager)Olivia Surratt
CrutchieJohn Winston
DaveyAbe Lange
LesJames Lange
RaceBrady Lelacas
AlbertDavid Pridgen
MurielClaire Surratt
HazelPayton Rickman
RomeoJas Smith
Newsie EnsembleClara Sabo
Gabriel Waldron
Ezra Clark
Courtlynn Deberry
Cordelia Yenca
Camryn Bence
Emme Conway (Specs)
Jordyn McCrate
Ella Kantola
Emilyne Treat (Pigtails)
Bella Hauser
Spot Conlon-head of Brooklyn NewsiesJordyn McCrate
Brooklyn NewsiesClara Treat
Isaiah Nass
Gabriel Waldron
Courtlynn Deberry
SCABS who join the NewsiesClara Sabo
Ezra Clark
Cordelia Yenca
Woman customerOlivia Surratt
Snyder (runs The Refuge)TBA
Gov. Teddy RooseveltTBA
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