State Academic Bee

at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy

Friday, March 3rd – All Day Event

I am super excited to announce we are back to hosting the State Lutheran Academic Bee this March! Students in grades 4th – 8th will participate in round-robin events against Lutheran School peers from around the state.

How it works is schools arrive at our school around 8:30 am with opening ceremonies in the Sanctuary at 9 am. Once released to begin, participating students in groups will report to their assigned classrooms. High School student coaches will be assigned to each group, guiding them while in the round or relaxing in the gym.

Once all grades/rounds are completed, we report to the gym for the Awards Ceremony around 12:30 pm. Then comes the favorite part of the Bee – Incredible Pizza returning to Immanuel around 3:15 pm.

General Information

  • Each 4th – 8th-grade student will receive the GROUP BUFFET + $5 GAME CARD. $13.50 plus bus transportation cost will be withdrawn from your FACTS account to cover their time at Incredible pizza. Students can bring money to put more on their cards if they wish.
  • Parents who want to join us will be charged $8.99 to cover the Buffet.
  • Please be flexible with our return time to school. How long the rounds last depends on when we arrive at Incredible Pizza. We want students to have a great experience while there.
  • From Incredible Pizza NOT included in the $13.50 – !! NEW EXPERIENCE – The SCRAMBLER – our newest game room experience, will not accept attraction passes, you must purchase the ride with your game card. The cost is $7.50 per ride. You can purchase discounted rides in advance for your group. !! Spring Town Trampoline Park –***This activity does require a liability waiver to be completed by parent or guardian. !! You MUST schedule your jump session in advance! !! The students can use their attraction pass or their game card to purchase the jump and socks. Parents will be required to complete a liability waiver using this link –>> A printable waiver is available upon request.

To help make this an awesome event, we need parent volunteers to be moderators and/or floaters. Moderators will read questions to the two teams during rounds. Floaters will help answer questions for visitors, monitor the games, and bball in the gym, etc. Below is a picture of how classrooms are generally arranged during the event. Please reach out to me, Ginger Hendricks, if you are available. Thank you!!!!

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