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Tiny Tots and Doodlebugs

The Tiny Tots and Doodlebugs Classrooms are for children 6 weeks through 1 year.


Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy Preschool strives to provide an environment that will protect all children from physical harm and will stimulate physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. We will help provide nurturing Christian care to the best of our ability, and we promise to love your children and help you feel comfortable and safe when you leave your baby in our class.


The teachers of the Tiny Tots and Doodle Bugs class will read to your children, play with them, and encourage their physical development.


They will complete art projects, read Bible stories to your babies and take them outside or for walks as well.
The ratio of teachers to children is 1:4; we have 8 babies enrolled in each infant class.

We feed you baby based on their personal needs and schedule that you have made at home. We will feed them formula, breast milk, or baby food provided by you. We can also provide a lunch from our menu that has been cut up for them, when they are ready for table food. You will get a daily sheet with all of the details of your baby’s day each afternoon. If you have any questions, the nursery door is always open.


Caterpillars and Butterflies

The Caterpillars and Butterflies classes are for younger toddlers, anywhere from 12 to 24 months. These children are beginning to explore their world and their independence. They begin eating at the table in chairs for lunch and they begin attending weekly chapel with the older children. The teachers complete lesson plans which include daily art, music, science, Bible, and play times. They are learning to feed their pet fish and water their classroom plants, and they are working on their social and emotional skills. Hearing them sing Jesus Loves Me and watching them do introductory sign language is enough to melt one’s heart.

The ratio for this class is 1:6.

Roly Polies and Rainbows

The Roly Polies and Rainbows are classes for children anywhere from 24-30 months. During the course of the school year, these children will learn to share with others, recognize others feelings and care for others. They will also begin to recognize their colors, shapes, numbers, and begin to count. They are completing daily art, science, music, and Bible activities. They are learning to complete specific physical movements, and practice their fine motor skills.

This class participates in outside and indoor play times, weekly chapel services, and all of the fun activities we have planned throughout the year!

The ratio for this class is 1:8. There is 1 teacher with 8 children in this classroom daily.

Wiggle Worms and Jellybeans

During the course of the school year, these children will turn 3 and begin preparing for the 3-year-old preschool classes.


They are completing daily art, science, music, and Bible activities. They are learning to button and unbutton, complete specific physical movements, practice their fine motor skills and they are strongly focusing on potty training. They participate in weekly chapel and have reading buddies with the church staff .


The ratio in these classrooms are 1:8.

Busy Bees, All Stars, and Safari Drive

We currently have three 3-year-old classes at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy Preschool. The children are playing in structured centers, completing art projects, science experiments, listening to and acting out Bible stories, participating in weekly Chapel services with all children, learning independence, and the fundamentals of Spanish, Sign Language, and Handwriting (using the Handwriting Without Tears program). They go to weekly P.E. and Music classes, and participate in various servant/giving events throughout the year. They are working on buttoning and unbuttoning, zipping and unzipping, and many more basic life skills.

The teachers prepare lesson plans according to week, that are always posted for you to see. Their doors are always open if you have more questions!

The ratio for our 3-year-old class is 1:12. We have three separate classes with 12 (at the most) children in them. By the time the children enter the 3-year-old program, we ask that they be completely potty trained.


Lizard Lane, Terrific Tigers and Ladybugs

We have three Pre-Kindergarten/4-year-old classes at Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy as well. These children are preparing for kindergarten!

They are using the Handwriting Without Tears program and practicing writing every day! They have letters of the week, show and tell weekly, are learning the pledges to the American and Christian flags, and so much more. By the end of the year, the children are learning to read small sight words.

The teachers complete lesson plans that include cooking, sensory, nature, art, science, music, and imaginative experiences. The children attend weekly chapel services, P.E. and music classes.


The children are tying shoes, buttoning pants, zipping jackets, cleaning up after themselves, cleaning their lunch space, and helping with smaller children. They have many opportunities to give, and are learning about the love of Jesus every day. The ratio for each of our 4-year old classes are 1:15.

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