Pep Rally – Fall Sports – Friday – What to Wear!

To recognize and cheer on our Fall Sports Athletes!

Friday will be our 1st pep Rally of the year.  The pep rally will be at 1:40 (after 6th hour) until roughly 2:30. Students will be expected to go to 8th hour when the rally is over.

The Pep Squad is excited to have you participate in a color war!  The colors for each class are as follows:

Kindergarten- Red

1st– Orange

2nd– Yellow

3rd– Green

4th– Aqua/ turquoise

5th – Purple

Middle School- Black OR White

9th and 10th – Gold

11th and 12th – Blue

Students in each class can wear any kind of shirt that is in the appropriate color for their grade with jeans. 

Clark - Cheerleading