OK State School Tax Credit Information

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Click HERE for Mr. Rogers' Parent Letter on OK Tax Credit.

Parental Choice Tax Credit website went live 11/7/23 - Click HERE

Helpful Up-to-Date Information

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has released a brief explainer video to provide parents with more information about the Parental Choice Tax Credit. You may access the video through this link: Parental Choice Tax Credit - Explainer Video
Help Center: Individuals Tax Center  - Click HERE
Parent Checklist - Click HERE.

Information from Tuesday’s Parent Tax Credit Meeting

To enroll in the PCTC: https://www.parentalchoice.ok.gov/

  • The application window opens on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 @ 2 pm--February 1, 2024!!!!

If you have any questions, please speak/email with Jake Rogers or Twilla Berwaldt.

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Scroll Down to see information as it becomes available.

Tax Credit Reminder!!!!

The Deadline for the Tax Credit Application is February 5, 2024.

Tax Credit Status Update: EVFs

ILCA has been in contact with the State regarding the Enrollment Verification Forms (EVFs) status. A "glitch" in their computer system is currently being worked on; it is an automated scenario, so EVFs should go out to parents once it is fixed. ILCA is monitoring the situation closely.

ILCA: Tax Credit EVF Update (Nov 30)

As of this publication (6:00p), ILCA parents have still not received their EVFs for the Tax Credit. Here is what we know thus far…

  • Within the State, there are 9-10 non-public schools that are experiencing “glitches” in their EVF bulk uploads and have not received their EVFs. ILCA is one of those schools.

  • Numerous phone calls and emails have been sent to the PCTC helpdesk.

  • Our advocacy group and Dave Bond (presenter from Tuesday evening) have been contacted and are helping as they can with Merits and the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).

  • We have been told by the State that the 10 schools are being troubleshooted by the technicians at Merits and OTC and they are working to get EVFs out to parents today (no timeline provided past that).

  • 2 smaller .csv documents of our original upload were submitted today in order to help any processing speeds with smaller documents.

December 5

Parents-we are continuing to work through Merit and the Oklahoma Tax Commission for the EVF’s. They asked that we encourage all parents to whitelist the following email addresses:  help@merits.com and info@merits.com

Your form will come from one of these. Please also check spam and junk mail.

K-12 Families: You may be receiving an email from MERIT on the Tax Credit. This email has tuition and fees inaccuracies from an older submission. The updated and correct submission was submitted this morning, however, MERIT did not use this one for the EVFs, as they were instructed to. We are in consultation with them and hope to have this rectified soon. Thank you so much for your patience during this time.

OK PCTC Application Window starts Wednesday, December 6 @ 2pm

Dear Immanuel Parents,

By now, all of our parents should have received their child/ren's Enrollment Verification Form. This took place around 3 pm for the Academy and a little earlier for the Preschool. This afternoon, Mrs. Berwaldt and Mr. Rogers reviewed parent feedback from their EVFs and are making adjustments. When adjustments/edits are made, you will receive a new EVF via email. You will use this attachment to upload into the application portal. If you have multiple children receiving the Tax Credit, you can upload all student EVFs in one complete application.

Here is what you will need: Enrollment Verification Form (EVF)--1 per child information from your 2022 1040 Tax ReturnTaxpayer ID info for all Household members, including name, address, phone number, email, and SS numbersStudent information, including name and SS numberThe State has put together an informative video on the application process. I encourage you to view it HERE

If you are in need of a Parent Consent Form, click HERE

Affidavit for No Filing Requirement, Form 591-C, click HERE


REMEMBER, WINDOW OPENS TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6 @ 2PMBe sure to take everything you need if you will be filling this out at work.

Thank you for your patience in this process. We know that this will be an invaluable opportunity to our families and our community.

December 6
Good Morning, Immanuel! It is a big day for our families. Remember the portal to submit your application for the tax credit begins today at 2:00 pm.
Please note that all corrected submissions have been submitted, and we are continuing to make individual re-submissions if needed. Please use the most recent EVF for your child. The Fall Semester tuition/fee amount should look as follows (unless your child is in the LNH program): K-8 $4950.00. and 9-12 $5300.00.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.