OK State School Tax Credit Information

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Click HERE for Mr. Rogers' Parent Letter on OK Tax Credit.

Parental Choice Tax Credit website went live 11/7/23 - Click HERE

Helpful Up-to-Date Information

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has released a brief explainer video to provide parents with more information about the Parental Choice Tax Credit. You may access the video through this link: Parental Choice Tax Credit - Explainer Video

The application window for the tax credit via the OTC website will open on December 1, 2023.

Help Center: Individuals Tax Center  - Click HERE
Parent Checklist - Click HERE.

Parent Tax Credit Meeting - in the Sanctuary

  • Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 at 6 pm.

Information from Tuesday’s Meeting

To enroll in the PCTC: https://www.parentalchoice.ok.gov/

  • The application window opens on Friday, December 1, 2023 @ 8:30 am--February 1, 2024!!!!

If you have any questions, please speak/email with Jake Rogers or Twilla Berwaldt.

Tax Credit Status Update: EVFs

ILCA has been in contact with the State regarding the Enrollment Verification Forms (EVFs) status. A "glitch" in their computer system is currently being worked on; it is an automated scenario, so EVFs should go out to parents once it is fixed. ILCA is monitoring the situation closely.


ILCA: Tax Credit EVF Update (Thursday)

As of this publication (6:00p), ILCA parents have still not received their EVFs for the Tax Credit. Here is what we know thus far…

  • Within the State, there are 9-10 non-public schools that are experiencing “glitches” in their EVF bulk uploads and have not received their EVFs. ILCA is one of those schools.

  • Numerous phone calls and emails have been sent to the PCTC helpdesk.

  • Our advocacy group and Dave Bond (presenter from Tuesday evening) have been contacted and are helping as they can with Merits and the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).

  • We have been told by the State that the 10 schools are being troubleshooted by the technicians at Merits and OTC and they are working to get EVFs out to parents today (no timeline provided past that).

  • 2 smaller .csv documents of our original upload were submitted today in order to help any processing speeds with smaller documents.


THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!…The OK PCTC has been DELAYED until Wednesday, December 6 at 2 pm. Here is the link to the press release: rmd.me/c9SEtlAhgdt