More Medaling at Year’s Ending: The Conclusion of ILCA’s CC Season 

            Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy’s Cross-Country team ended the 2021 season with three cool and crisp mid-October races. Because of their staunch dedication and legendary work ethics, each of ILCA’s middle-school and high-school runners completed their seasonal campaigns with medals. 

            On the morning of October 15th, Meg competed at a phenomenal level to earn high honors at the Oklahoma All-Star Meet. Indeed, she finished 2nd out of 131 middle-school ladies. While she began the race in eighth place after ¼ of a mile, Meg steadily moved forward until she pulled ahead of the then-2nd place runner midway through the race. For the duration of the race, Meg chipped away at the front-runner’s lead over the rest of the field. Thanks to her strong finish, Meg held on to 2nd place by fifteen meters. 

            Meg’s memorable All-Star race provided a preview for her grand effort at the Heartland Christian Athletic Association’s (HCAA) Conference meet on October 22nd. While running against the fastest middle-school ladies from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and other states, Meg finished with another Top-10 performance. In fact, she outran every other girl from Oklahoma!  

            During the afternoon of October 15th, meanwhile, Jacob and Caleb each medaled at Ponca City’s meet. Jacob left no observer in doubt: he gave it his all, as he led the race for much of the competition. After pulling ahead of the field during the opening stretch, Jacob preserved his lead until the final fifty meters when a peer from Ponca City used his knowledge of his home course to surpass Jacob in the race’s final moments. Nonetheless, Jacob represented ILCA in a most excellent way—earning 2nd place. Likewise, in his first race back from a foot injury, Caleb earned 8th place, for he willed himself to the finish line and picked-up another medal!  

Their memorable finishes at Ponca City helped Jacob and Caleb to prepare for a strong showing at the HCAA Conference meet on October 22nd, where Jacob’s and Caleb’s efforts caused them to outrun many of their peers. 

Together, Meg, Jacob, and Caleb earned nearly twenty medals during the recently completed 2021 cross-country season. Way to go Cru!

All the Best, 

Coach K