Meet the Teacher – Monday!!!

Hi Parents and Students,

Meet the Teacher is on Monday, August 15, starting at 6 PM and ending at 8 PM.  As you walk in the main doors by the Office, you will be directed to the Gym.  Middle and High school students can pick up their schedules and locker combinations before heading to the gym.  

Mr. Rogers, our Headmaster, will welcome everyone and then you are encouraged to go visit your classrooms.  Tables will be set up in the Gym where you can visit with Fine Arts, Athletics, and Before/After Student Opportunities.  High school students will also be able to pick up their computers in Mrs. H’s room.

We encourage new and returning families to join us as we get back into the groove of school, becoming familiar with the classrooms, schedules, and more.  We have an amazing staff lineup for this year, and you’ll get to meet and greet our new and returning teachers.

The FIRST day of school is Wednesday, August 17, with all students reporting to class by 8 am.  During their first core course, 5th – 12th grade students will be given everything they need to start the school year: planner, binder, pens, pencils, etc. If students lose their binder or need additional supplies later in the school year, they are expected to supply their own.  Elementary End of Day is 3 PM, while 5th – 12th grade is 3:10 PM.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs. Hendricks, aka Mrs. H

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