K-12 Curriculum

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Middle School Pacing Guides

8th Grade - SOAR required

Below are a few of the skills and strategies that will be explored during the SOAR class. 

  • Learning Styles ● Time Management ● Listening & Tracking Skills 
  • Setting Goals ● Learning Strategies ● Research Skills 
  • Organization ● Tracking CORE Classes ● Higher Order Thinking (H.O.T) Skills 
  • Transition Planning ● Record Keeping ● Self-Advocacy 
  • Test Preparation ● Note Taking Skills ● Leadership Opportunities

High School Pacing Guides

English Curriculum

-English I

-English II

-English III

-English IV

-Speech (DC)

-English Composition (DC)

-Introduction to Literature (DC)


Government/History Curriculum

-Government OK History

-US History

-World History


-Personal Finance - Dave Ramsey


Mathematics Curriculum

-Algebra I

-Algebra II




-College Algebra (HS credit)

Religion Curriculum

-Religion I Year I - Old Testament

-Religion I Year II - New Testament

-Religion II Year I - World Religions

-Religion II Year II - Theology


Other "Potential" Course Options during Junior and/or Senior Years per HS administration review.  

-TCC Dual Credit or HS+1 Programs

-Tulsa Tech

Electives Pacing Guides

  Physical Education



  • ES
  • MS
  • HS


  World Language


  For more Elective choices

  • Check out our Electives Page! Click HERE.
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