ILCA’s Cross-Country Runners Display Their Skill Atop Bison Hil

            On the bright, sunny afternoon of October 7th, the standouts of ILCA’s 2021 Cross Country team, Meg and Jacob, stepped to the line to compete at the Oklahoma Baptist University Bison Challenge. With a slight wind to aid them, Meg and Jacob breezed by the bulk of the competition on their way to their ninth and fifth medals of the year, respectively.

            In her fastest 1.5-mile race of the year, Meg outlasted all but one other young lady in her competition, earning second place, which marked the sixth time that Meg has won a Top-3 medal this season. To claim second place, Meg willed her way to the end, staving off the third-place finisher by outsprinting the would-be challenger in the final 200 meters of the 2400m race.

            Jacob, meanwhile, continued his record of solid performances, as he overmatched two-thirds of his fellow runners on his way to another medal on OBU’s course that is famous for its rolling, grassy inclines.

            In the next two weeks, Jacob and Meg will once again represent ILCA at the meets that will conclude our season this year.  While both will finish the year with HCAA’s Conference meet in Arkansas near John Brown University on Friday, October 22nd, the two runners will compete at different races over Fall Break. While Meg will run at the All-Star Meet in Chickasha on October 14th, Jacob will run at Ponca City—where he will, at last, be joined by his teammate, Caleb, whose patience and commitment during his long road to recovery from injury has only been matched by his continued praise for and cheering of his teammates and friends, Jacob and Meg.

All the Best,
Coach K