ILCA CC Medal Glows in the Sun of Norman

            Tucked away on the western side of Interstate-35 in Norman, Community Christian School Royals’ soft, green cross-country course may be found, as it peaks behind tall grasses and whispering trees amidst a pleasant breeze.

            As the sun continued its ascent on the morning of Saturday, August 21st, ILCA’s Cross-Country team prepared for their second race of the year, aiming to complete another memorable day of running on this enjoyable course hosted by the Royals.

            Replicating her brilliant race from the previous week at Wilburton, Meg endured another mile-long race—and once again earned 1st-place. Indeed, only one girl runner from a different sporting division managed to outpace Meg’s quick time on that August day.

            Building off of their successful start last week, both Jacob and Caleb outran their times from last Saturday.

Jacob beat his previous best time of the season by almost ten seconds. Caleb, meanwhile, outshone his medal-winning race from last week by eliminating more than thirty seconds from his two-mile time.

All the Best,

Coach K