Past Meets 2022-23

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The Running Cru Makes ILCA Proud at Stroud
      Not even a chilly day in Stroud can keep ILCA's running Cru from surpassing their personal records en masse.
      In a blistering time of 6:26, Isaiah ran his fastest 1-mile time ever, earning a Top-5 finish to top off a most excellent finish!
      Again leading the Lady Cru, Isabella completed her race against both Boys and Girls in a quick time of 7:08, earning another Top-20 finish while overcoming 74 fellow runners.
      Not to be outdone, Samuel finished in second for Immanuel's Elementary Boys, taking 34th in a time of 7:34, outpacing 58 runners!
      Right behind Samuel, James finished in 39th while on his way to a new best time of 7:43!
      Finishing in second for the Lady Cru this week, Makenna easily sped past her former best time by nearly a minute--on her way to a time of 8:08! Only two seconds behind her was Dori! Well done, Ladies!
      Again exceeding their previous best times, Jas raced past 33 runners on his way to an 8:40 time, while his good friend, Stephen, crossed the finish line at 8:57 for another personal record!
      Continuing with the best-ever trend, Malachi finished his Stroud race in 9:13, breaking the 9:30 mark for the first time! Likewise, Evie broke through the 9:30 barrier for her best-ever time: a 9:23 mile time!
      In keeping with the great trend, Emma ran her quickest mile, too, clearing the 11-minute time for her best time: a 10:55!
      Like his younger mentees, Jacob continued his trend of great racing by running his 3rd-best 5K race ever and 2nd-best of the season at Stroud!
All the Best,
Coach K

Cross-Country Cru Crush Personal Records at Kiefer

            Hermes would have tightened his winged sandals to keep-up with the Cross-Country Cru at Saturday’s meet in Kiefer on October 1st.

Shattering his previous best time by an unbelievable 44 seconds, Jacob ran past 80 other runners on his way to his first sub-20-minute 5K race: a 19:49! Way to go, Jacob!

Setting a new personal best, Isabella sprinted past almost everyone, completing her mile in a brisk time of 7:15 in Kiefer, earning her a Top-10 finish for the Lady Cru: 9th place! Indeed, Isabella ran past 106 running ladies during her race in which she cut a whopping 31 seconds off her previous best time at Sapulpa earlier this year!

Running ahead of 67 peers, Dori was second for the Lady Cru and nearly matched her season’s best time, coming within 2 seconds of her best time that she ran at Sapulpa (8:41).

Makenna, meanwhile, bested her previous record of 9:06 that she ran in Foyil by knocking off an additional 2 seconds on her way past nearly 50 runners! Well done!

Blowing past her previous best of 10:05 that she ran at Sapulpa, Evie’s quick feet crossed the dewy grass in a quick time of 9:40, while her good friend, Emma, easily outpaced her time last week at Bishop Kelley by more than a minute!

Like the ladies, the Elementary Cru crushed their personal records. Leading the way for the Boys, Samuel ran a solid race, outpacing his previous best time at Sapulpa by 22 seconds—on his way to a quick time of 8:07!

Similarly, James left his former best time he ran at Foyil (8:34) in the dust, as he kept fleet-footed Samuel in his sights, enabling James to run his mile in 8:16!

Not wanting to miss out on those breaking the 9-minute mark, Stephen leaned-in perfectly after his hard work, outworking the timer on his way to an 8:59.54, a new personal best!

Cruising past his previous best time by more than a minute, Jas ran his best time ever: a 9:21, all while fighting injuries earlier this year.

Achieving one of his goals for the year, Malachi knocked 20 seconds off his Sapulpa time on Saturday, completing the Kiefer course for a personal best time: 9:52.

Consequently, 9 different Cross-Country Crusader runners ran personal best times! Way to work, everyone; we’re peaking at the right time!

The Cross-Country Cru will next run at Stroud on October 8th and then have another meet soon thereafter at Cushing on the 11th.

The Cross-Country Cru’s season will be completed in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, at John Brown University’s cross-country course when the HCAA Conference meet occurs on the morning of October 21st.

All the Best,

Coach K

Finding Our Thrills on the Hills of Bishop Kelly and Stilly 

            On September 20th, the Elementary and Middle School Cross-Country Cru scampered across Bishop Kelley’s grassy hills, while Jacob represented the High School Cru on September 24th at the oldest Cross-Country race in the country: the OSU Jamboree! 

            Leading the Elementary Lady Cru, Dori outdistanced 53 other runners on her way to a time of 9:13, just in front of her teammate who is always nearby: Makena, who finished fifteen seconds afterward, in front of 50 runners. 

            While they did not finish together at Bishop Kelley this year, only four places separated the close friends and teammates, Evie and Emma! 

            In the Elementary Boys’ race, Samuel led the way this week, outrunning 43 runners and finishing in a time of 9:05. 

            Forty seconds later, James finished, enabling him to outpace 30 runners. 

            In a time of 11:11, Stephen proved able to run ahead of sixteen runners; similarly, Brilaynn showed his ability to finish his first-mile race of his career at Bishop Kelley. 

            Running their first two-mile races of their careers, Isaiah finished with the quick time of 15:46, outdistancing 74 other runners, while Wyatt clocked in at 18:32, faster than 35 fellow runners. 

            On Saturday, September 24th, Jacob willed himself up the many difficult hills that comprise OSU’s cross-country course in Stillwater. Despite the challenging terrain, he managed a 21:37, fast enough to outrun 50 runners.  

All the Best,

Coach K

Around the Lake and Across the Fields: ILCA’s Running Cru’s Recent Races
The Meet Memo is combined for the most recent races. . .
On a warm, breezy day beside Lake Ponca on September 15th, the High School Running Cru seized their opportunities in a memorable race.
Indeed, for much of the opening mile, Immanuel’s Jacob—followed by Vanrick and Kevin in their first race for Immanuel—ran ahead of all others in the field.

Though one of Stillwater’s many quick runners eventually claimed the lead, Jacob led the race for more than half of the competition. Jacob ran his best 5K/3.125 mile race time since 2020: 20:43.

Jacob, therefore, again medaled and claimed 7th place, overcoming 80 runners.

Consequently, Jacob ran even better than the previous week at Foyil where he also medaled, outperforming his previous week’s time by a minute-and-a-half.

In his opening run for ILCA, Vanrick ran a 21:05, taking 10th, giving Immanuel’s team our second medal of the day.
Showing his quick 800m form, Vanrick refused to yield his 10th place, despite 4 runners closing in on his heels in the final stretch of the race, including one other runner who rudely reached from behind and ripped Vanrick’s shirt!
Though he normally runs a 200m race during Track season, Kevin elected to try the 5,000m yesterday, surpassing 36 runners, including a Stillwater runner who competed with Kevin in an epic homestretch sprint-to-the-finish in the final 300m of the race. Demonstrating his immense competitiveness, Kevin refused to slack, repeatedly coming back to surpass the Stillwater youth, never yielding through the finish and overcoming the tough-minded opponent during their long, fast sprint to end the race in Ponca City.
On September 8th in Foyil, Isaiah led the younger Running Cru to our first medal of the year!
Indeed, Isaiah claimed 14th place on a hot, early September afternoon on the hilly course, outpacing 85 fellow runners to a time of 7:03 in his 1-mile race.
Leading the Lady Cru, Isabella raced to 29th, finishing in a time of 8:33. By doing so, she outran 67 ladies!!
Pushing each other to 38th and 39th, Makenna and Dorri ran their 1-mile times of 9:06 and 9:08. Well done, Ladies!
Similarly, as they trekked across the grassy hills and inclines, Wyatt overcame 55 runners. Right on his heels was James. In fact, only 5 seconds separated the two young men, with one finishing in 8:29 and 8:34.
Outpacing 30 youths, Samuel ran a 9:45, making big brother, Isaiah, proud.
Surpassing more than a dozen folks, Stephen and Malachi pushed each other, finishing close together, finishing in 10:29 and 11:04.
Likewise, refusing to be separated throughout the race, Evie and Emma outpaced more than a dozen runners! They ran times of 11:47 and 11:58, respectively.
Well done, Cru!
ES and MS runners will compete at Bishop Kelley on Tuesday in the late afternoon and early evening. ES girls will run at 4:45pm and the boys at 5:10pm. MS boys will run at 6:10.
On Saturday, September 24th, Jacob and Vanrick will travel to Stillwater to run at 10:30am on OSU’s legendary 5K course on which D-1 College Cross-Country Nationals is often run.

Cross Country Meet - Sapulpa 9/3/2022

Good Afternoon, All,

ILCA's Cross-Country student-athletes ran hard across the dew-drenched grassy course at Sapulpa’s Sports Metroplex on Saturday morning. (Pictures can be found on the CC page.)

Speeding to the front of ILCA's Elementary Girls' team, Isabella sprinted to a 1-mile time of 7:46 and finished 28th overall, outrunning 104 ladies. Of the Lady Runners in 3rd-grade and below, Isabella took 3rd!

Coming in 55th, Dori ran her mile in 8:41, outpacing 77 ladies. Of the Lady Runners in 2nd-grade and below, Dori took 6th!

Running to a time of 10:05 for her mile, Evie outran 39 young ladies, while Emma surged past 13 fellow runners (including several 5th and 6th graders!) in a time of 11:31. Of the Lady Runners who are in 2nd-grade and below, Evie and Emma took 10th and 19th, respectively. Way to go, Ladies!

Leading the Elementary Boys' ILCA team today, Isaiah ran a 6:52 1-mile time, finishing 22nd--outrunning 123 fellow runners!

Following his brother, Samuel ran past 64 other runners, finishing with a time of 8:29. Only 5 runners his age or younger outran Samuel at Sapulpa!

Running his 1-mile in a time of 9:02, Stephen finished the race strong, outpacing 41 or his peers. Similarly, Malachi completed the course in a time of 10:12, leaving 23 fellow runners in his wake.

Electing to race in the Boys' Varsity race this week, Jacob outdistanced 32 men for his 2nd-fastest 2-mile time of the year.

Next week, we will practice on Tuesday at the old ILCA football field from 3:20-4:30 pm.

However, on Thursday (9/8), the Cross-Country team will head to Foyil for a late afternoon meet, departing before 8th hour begins; remember to bring your uniforms to school, athletes!

(Parents are free to take their children home after the elementary races are over if they choose; ILCA will provide transportation to Foyil and back, however, for this weekday meet.)

For more details, click the following link: foyilinfo90822.pdf (

Good work today, Cru; see you all soon.

All the Best,

Coach K