Past Meets 2021-22

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ILCA’s Cross-Country Runners Display Their Skill Atop Bison Hill

            On the bright, sunny afternoon of October 7th, the standouts of ILCA’s 2021 Cross Country team, Meg and Jacob, stepped to the line to compete at the Oklahoma Baptist University Bison Challenge. With a slight wind to aid them, Meg and Jacob breezed by the bulk of the competition on their way to their ninth and fifth medals of the year, respectively.

            In her fastest 1.5-mile race of the year, Meg outlasted all but one other young lady in her competition, earning second place, which marked the sixth time that Meg has won a Top-3 medal this season. To claim second place, Meg willed her way to the end, staving off the third-place finisher by outsprinting the would-be challenger in the final 200 meters of the 2400m race.

            Jacob, meanwhile, continued his record of solid performances, as he overmatched two-thirds of his fellow runners on his way to another medal on OBU’s course that is famous for its rolling, grassy inclines.

            In the next two weeks, Jacob and Meg will once again represent ILCA at the meets that will conclude our season this year.  While both will finish the year with HCAA’s Conference meet in Arkansas near John Brown University on Friday, October 22nd, the two runners will compete at different races over Fall Break. While Meg will run at the All-Star Meet in Chickasha on October 14th, Jacob will run at Ponca City—where he will, at last, be joined by his teammate, Caleb, whose patience and commitment during his long road to recovery from injury has only been matched by his continued praise for and cheering of his teammates and friends, Jacob and Meg.

All the Best,
Coach K

More Meets Means More Medals for the ILCA CC Cru

            Racing in two meets this week, Meg and Jacob earned ILCA a trio of medals.

            Though Tahlequah Sequoyah’s cross-country course—drenched from a heavy downpour earlier in the morning—reminded Coach K of the Long Marshes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Meg muscled her way through the muddy conditions. From the gun, Meg proved her mettle: sprinting to the front and wading through calf- and even knee-high water in places in the opening ¼ mile to pull ahead of all other racers. When four young ladies working as a team passed Meg, her Crusader spirit goaded her to press forward. Amid the hills in the back of the course, Meg moved ahead of the 4-lady unit—and never looked back, widening her lead again and again—whether uphill or downhill. With her 1st place finish today, Meg won her fourth race of the year.

            Jumping to the front group in his rainy race at Tahlequah Sequoyah, Jacob overcame the marshy, water-logged, and hilly course to run his 2nd-best time in the 5K: a 20:31. His strong effort—perhaps most noticeably at the race’s conclusion when he willed himself to quicken his pace in the final 1/8 mile, and thereby denying five nearby, would-be challengers seeking to surpass him—enabled Jacob to earn 2nd place in his racing division and 10th place overall. With his 2nd-place finish at Tahlequah Sequoyah, this earned Jacob his best finish of the year, his second Top-3 finish of the year, and his fourth medal of the season, too.

Jacob’s strong finish at Tahlequah Sequoyah was partially due to his “putting in the work” earlier in the week at Adair on Tuesday, September 28th, where he surpassed more than 80 of his fellow runners.

            Meg, meanwhile, earned her first medal of the week at Adair; indeed, Meg ran her quickest 1-mile of her Cross-Country career: a 6:16. Throughout a remarkably fast-paced race, Meg maintained her position towards the front, earning 8th place—overcoming more than 120 other young ladies in the process of earning her sixth Top-10 finish of the year and her 7th medal of the season. After Saturday’s results at Tahlequah Sequoyah, Meg boosted her previously mentioned Top-10 and Medal Count totals to seven and eight, respectively.

All the Best,

Coach K

A Fair Pair of Medals for the CC Cru

            On a sunny, breezy day this past Saturday, Meg stepped to the line, aiming to beat her best Cross-Country time in the 2-mile race while competing at the meet hosted by Holland Hall.

            Out of a race of 156 young ladies, Meg sped to the front where she remained for the rest of the race—earning 10th place, her fourth Top-10 finish of the year.  Not only did Meg run a most excellent race in terms of placement, but she also ran her best time in any 2-mile race she has run in Oklahoma: a 13:29.

            Jacob, meanwhile, ran an excellent race this week as well. On Thursday at O’Brien Park, Jacob sprinted to the front and continued to push himself throughout the race.  Like Meg, Jacob also earned a medal: a 14th place finish, his third Top-15 finish of the year.  Importantly, Jacob earned a new PR (i.e., “personal record”) in the 5K on Thursday as well.

The Cross-Country Cru will next run at the meet hosted by Adair on Tuesday.

All the Best,

Coach K

Unfoiled at Foyil & BA: ILCA’s Cross-Country Running Cru Update

            On another hot, summer afternoon, ILCA’s Meg, Jacob, and Caleb raced across the rolling links of Foyil’s cross-country course on Thursday, September 9th.

            After speeding towards the front of the opening 200m of the race, Meg—within minutes—methodically surpassed the four runners who began the race ahead of her. Consequently, as a result of her phenomenal running ability and work ethic, Meg recorded her third 1st-place finish of the season.

            Half-an-hour later, Jacob showcased his running ability by running with the utmost energy—earning tenth place and his second top-10 finish of the season.

            At both the Foyil and Broken Arrow meets this week, Caleb ran his best 5K times of the season, with his Broken Arrow time even surpassing his speed two days earlier at Foyil’s meet. Between the two races, Caleb outran dozens of other student-athletes this week.

            Jacob also shined at Broken Arrow’s meet. Ever-the-model of racing consistency, Jacob outran 75 other young men who competed in the 5K on Saturday.

            While running against some of the fastest young ladies in the state of Oklahoma, Meg outpaced almost 90 ladies—claiming her fifth medal of the season.

Way to go Cru!

All the Best,

Coach K

ILCA’s Cross-Country Cru’s Mercurial Medal

Beneath the relentless, scorching, late-afternoon heat of an Oklahoman August sun in Tahlequah, ILCA’s Cross-Country team surged forward across what felt like the surface of Mercury.

Leading off the day for ILCA, Meg outpaced dozens of ladies in her 2K, 1.25-mile race to earn 3rd—her third Top-3 finish of the season already.

Indeed, Meg’s stamina and courage while enduring 95-degree weather with a heat index significantly higher proved so strong that she outpaced medal-winning boys this past Thursday, too.

Following Meg’s race, Jacob and Caleb ran solid 4K, 2.5-mile races as well.

Despite the excruciating sunlight, Jacob maintained his consistent record of performances by outpacing more than seventy-five fellow runners.

Displaying his sprinting legs from his hurdling days in Track, Caleb outpaced the group of runners who accompanied him for the majority of the Early Tiger Invitational, running the best final 1/3 mile. In fact, Caleb’s legs sped him away from some of his peers by more than 7 minutes.

To catch a glimpse of the Cross Country Cru in competition, the ILCA community’s next opportunity will be on a cooler morning in Sapulpa: Saturday, September 4th from 10:00–11:00 am at 1611 S. Wickham Road.

All the Best,

Coach K

Another ILCA CC Medal Glows in the Sun of Norman

            Tucked away on the western side of Interstate-35 in Norman, Community Christian School Royals’ soft, green cross-country course may be found, as it peaks behind tall grasses and whispering trees amidst a pleasant breeze.

            As the sun continued its ascent on the morning of Saturday, August 21st, ILCA’s Cross-Country team prepared for their second race of the year, aiming to complete another memorable day of running on this enjoyable course hosted by the Royals.

            Replicating her brilliant race from the previous week at Wilburton, Meg endured another mile-long race—and once again earned 1st-place. Indeed, only one girl runner from a different sporting division managed to outpace Meg’s quick time on that August day.

            Building off of their successful start last week, both Jacob and Caleb outran their times from last Saturday.

Jacob beat his previous best time of the season by almost ten seconds. Caleb, meanwhile, outshone his medal-winning race from last week by eliminating more than thirty seconds from his two-mile time.

All the Best,

Coach K

A Batch of CC Medals Earned at the Pumpkin Patch

After a summer of hot, grueling preseason practices, the cool temperature and overcast sky on Saturday, August 14th, in Wilburton, OK, assisted the Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy’s Cross-Country team (ILCA CC) as they successfully competed in the first regular season race of the year at the “Pumpkin Patch.”

For the first time, all of ILCA’s CC members earned a medal at a single meet. . . Way to go Cru!

In the Middle School Girls’ 1-mile race, Meg sped to the front in the opening 50 meters of the race—and never looked back. In fact, Meg did not just win her race—she outpaced all of the other runners by more than a minute, as she blazed a trail to her fastest 1-mile time of her Cross-Country career: 6:20.

In the High School Boys’ 2-mile race, Jacob sprinted to join the leaders at the front—where he remained for the duration of the race. Indeed, Jacob earned a Top-3 finish!

Moreover, after showing ample improvement throughout his first year in Cross-Country last year, Caleb willed his way to his first Cross-Country medal of his career on Saturday, earning a Top-20 finish.

Besides practices, ILCA’s CC runners participated in preseason races last month, which contributed to their success at Wilburton on Saturday.

On July 17th, Meg finished in 2nd place for her age group at the Porter Peach Classic 5K. A couple of weeks later, Meg again earned 2nd place for her age classification—all while outrunning 400 other youths and adults in the 5K at the Bedlam Run.

Joining Meg at the Bedlam Run on July 31st, Jacob finished in 12th place out of 448; way to go, Jacob!!

ILCA’s CC team will travel to Norman next Saturday for the meet hosted by one of our Godly, Oklahoma neighbors: Community Christian School.

ILCA students and their families can cheer on their Christian brothers and sisters at local, Tulsa-Metro area, weekend meets soon.

On Saturday, September 4th, ILCA will run in Sapulpa. A week later on the 11th, ILCA will run in Broken Arrow near Oneta Ridge Middle School. On the 18th of September, ILCA’s runners will compete at Holland Hall.

All the Best,

Coach K