A Day of Firsts in Prague

        On Friday, March 26th, the ILCA High School Track & Field team enjoyed several events for the first time at the year’s opening meet in Prague, Oklahoma.

In her first competition as a thrower, Emily, out-threw more than half of the field, earning herself a Top-10 finish in discus; indeed, she threw further than seven boys as well. Moreover, by outperforming the majority of the field, Emily earned seventh place in shot put, too!

        Not content with only throwing, Emily elected to run in the 1-mile race as well, racing to her fastest time of the season.

        For Darriel, meanwhile, this was also her first time to throw. After finishing sixth among the freshman discuss throwers at the Prague meet, Darriel out-threw all-but-two freshman in the shot put! Similar to her teammate, Emily, Darriel also chose to run in an event; in the 100m, Darriel finished sixth among her freshman competitors. Thus, Darriel earned excellent marks in the first track meet of her young career!

        Caleb, meanwhile, outran several runners in the 100m; in the 200m dash, moreover, Caleb outran thirteen of his competitors! He is looking forward to competing in the hurdles as well later this season.

        Running more than any other athlete, Jacob bested half of the field in both the two-mile and the one-mile races. For the first time this year, Jacob also broke through the 6-minute mark in the mile!

        The ILCA High School Track & Field team will next compete in Cushing next week.

All the Best,
Coach K