Cross Country Meet – Sapulpa

Good Afternoon, All,

ILCA’s Cross-Country student-athletes ran hard across the dew-drenched grassy course at Sapulpa’s Sports Metroplex on Saturday morning. (Pictures can be found on the CC page.)

Speeding to the front of ILCA’s Elementary Girls’ team, Isabella sprinted to a 1-mile time of 7:46 and finished 28th overall, outrunning 104 ladies. Of the Lady Runners in 3rd-grade and below, Isabella took 3rd!

Coming in 55th, Dori ran her mile in 8:41, outpacing 77 ladies. Of the Lady Runners in 2nd-grade and below, Dori took 6th! 

Running to a time of 10:05 for her mile, Evie outran 39 young ladies, while Emma surged past 13 fellow runners (including several 5th and 6th graders!) in a time of 11:31. Of the Lady Runners who are in 2nd-grade and below, Evie and Emma took 10th and 19th, respectively. Way to go, Ladies!

Leading the Elementary Boys’ ILCA team today, Isaiah ran a 6:52 1-mile time, finishing 22nd–outrunning 123 fellow runners!

Following his brother, Samuel ran past 64 other runners, finishing with a time of 8:29. Only 5 runners his age or younger outran Samuel at Sapulpa!

Running his 1-mile in a time of 9:02, Stephen finished the race strong, outpacing 41 or his peers. Similarly, Malachi completed the course in a time of 10:12, leaving 23 fellow runners in his wake.  

Electing to race in the Boys’ Varsity race this week, Jacob outdistanced 32 men for his 2nd-fastest 2-mile time of the year.

Next week, we will practice on Tuesday at the old ILCA football field from 3:20-4:30 pm. 

However, on Thursday (9/8), the Cross-Country team will head to Foyil for a late afternoon meet, departing before 8th hour begins; remember to bring your uniforms to school, athletes! 

(Parents are free to take their children home after the elementary races are over if they choose; ILCA will provide transportation to Foyil and back, however, for this weekday meet.)

For more details, click the following link: foyilinfo90822.pdf (

Good work today, Cru; see you all soon.

All the Best,

Coach K