English Language Arts Curriculum

English (Grades 6, 7, & 8)

The middle school level English curriculum is anchored in reading and writing.  In reading, students re-visit and reinforce fundamental skills and begin acquiring the tools and techniques that will allow them to analyze and evaluate texts: vocabulary development, close reading, artistry in language, and literary strategies.  Students explore a variety of genres, periods, and authors, to experience for themselves the adventure and the power of reading.  Similarly, students investigate and create through poetry, prose, and multiple media. They learn what effective communication requires of them as writers, speakers, presenters, and listeners.  Activities include the study of grammar and spelling as well as conventions of form and standards of evaluation used in school, in writing competitions, and in publishing.

Pre-AP English (Grades 7 & 8)

Reading comprehension is the indicator of future success in education.  The only way for that skill to develop is through consistent practice.  Pre-AP students will be expected to read an assigned number of works of literature during the year.  Of these assigned books, four to six will be assigned by the teacher for in-depth, in-class analysis.  Other reading will be chosen from an assigned list.  Pre-AP students may choose to purchase their own copies of the text for in-class study.

Students should expect to maintain a minimum grade average of 80%.  The student, parent, and teacher will sign a contract agreeing to the requirements for the course.

Summer reading will be required and must be completed by the first day of the new school year.