Second Grade Curriculum


Religion: One in Christ – Concordia Publishing House
Reading: Scott Foresman Reading
Math: Harcourt Math
Science: Harcourt Science
English: Houghton Mifflin
Social Studies: Harcourt Social Studies
Penmanship: Handwriting without tears


Through nine units of study the students learn and build on the following Christian concepts: the Lord is faithful; Jesus is coming, Jesus teaches God’s grace, the miracles of Jesus, Jesus saves us, Jesus is the way, and how we should tell about Jesus.

Reading/Language Arts
Students learn sequencing ideas chronologically, building handwriting skills, and recognizing different types of writing such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Other skills acquired include use of punctuation, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting ideas, how to predict from reading, reading and spelling high frequency words, using phonics to decode new words, increasing vocabulary, identifying main idea and details of stories, and cause and effect. All students use the Media Center and the Accelerated Reading Program.

Children are taught and practice the correct manuscript form for each letter daily, using the Handwriting without tears method and resources.

Second graders cover the following concepts: addition and subtraction up to 3 digit numbers, with and without regrouping; telling time to the nearest five minutes; identifying geometric shapes; interpreting and summarizing graphs and charts; estimating and working with fractions of halves; thirds and fourths; place value; and solving word problems.

Social Studies
Students learn the difference between wants and needs, goods citizenship characteristics, modes of transportation, natural features of the earth, forms of communication, how to use maps and globes, exploring the continents, and our state and national capitals.

Students discover the interaction of living things through the life cycle of a butterfly. They explore properties of light and color, different states of solids, liquids and gases, as well as the earth through time (Earth’s history). They learn to record and classify their findings.

Specialty Classes
All second grade students participate weekly in P. E., vocal music, art and computers. Spanish instruction takes place once every two weeks and includes basic vocabulary.