Kindergarten Curriculum


Religion: One in Christ – Concordia Publishing House
Reading: Saxon Phonics
Math: Saxon Math
Science and Social Studies: Harcourt textbook series
Penmanship: Handwriting Without Tears


The Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy Kindergarten curriculum consists of daily learning centers designed to provide a platform for skills development. Children learn through play and manipulation of learning resources.

The Math Center creates a foundation for math concepts through sorting, comparing, patterning and numbering and includes Saxon math resources. The Science Center encourages self-discovery through observation, discovery and experimentation. The Art Center promotes creativity and imagination through free expression of ideas and feelings while developing the small muscles of the fingers and hands. The Books/Listening center increases vocabulary, listening and thinking skills. The Drawing and Writing Center utilizes Saxon phonics and encourages children to learn to write. This center aids reading development while reinforcing concepts such as left to right progression and letter-sound association.

The Bible Center fosters reverent respect for God’s Word and makes a sincere effort to apply Bible concepts to daily living. Other centers include the Dramatic Play Center, Blocks Center and the Sand and Water Table. Basic printing skills are taught using the Handwriting without Tears method and resources.

Children also participate in whole group learning experiences. Because the Kindergarten is a full-day program, a snack period is taken in the early afternoon.

Kindergarten students also participate in P.E., vocal music, art, and computers each week. Basic Spanish vocabulary, such as numbers, is integrated into morning opening activities in the classroom.