First Grade Curriculum

The CPH One in Christ curriculum is used to teach the faith to first graders.  Instruction consists of units connected by a common theme which are grounded in God’s Word.  Bible stories provide a survey of God’s story of love and salvation for His people as found in the Old and New Testaments and continuing on to touch our lives today.  Within the context of each unit, students are taught key concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel, confession and repentance, forgiveness and grace.  Students are also introduced to our Lutheran heritage.  A joyful and willing attitude toward prayer and worship is encouraged.  Through a planned memory program, students learn Scripture verses, hymns, and portions of the Catechism which highlight the theme of each lesson.

Language Arts is instructed thematically using the Four Blocks literacy model.  The model allows students to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills towards becoming effective, literate communicators. The four blocks are Self Selected Reading, Guided Reading, Working with Words and Writing. Reading is taught thematically within this framework using a wide range of resources including Readinga-z online.

Through Saxon Math students begin to understand beautiful math patterns as more than a coincidence, but an opportunity to learn about the beauty and organization that God has built into mathematics.  Math is another vehicle through which we can learn about our Creator in first grade. The classroom follows the Daily 3 Framework when teaching Saxon math.  Students rotate through three centers after a group lesson is taught. The centers include Math Alone (individual math practice with the teacher), Math With Someone, and Math Writing. Students rotate through all three centers during the math hour.

The first grade science program uses the Quirkles® program , Harcourt curriculum, quality literature, student journals, and hands-on learning experiences to develop vital science skills and understandings as students grow in their appreciation of God’s creation.

Social Studies
State standards are met thematically with Harcourt Social Studies. First graders are also introduced to Mission Friends, an online program of the LCMS that promotes international mission work among the Synod’s children.