Physical Education


Physical education is that phase of the general educational program that contributes to the total growth and development of each child primarily through movement experiences. Physical education can help achieve five unique program objectives, including the development of motor skills and movement competence, personal health and wellness skills, an understanding of human movement principles, lifetime activity skills, and the attainment of positive social skills.

The physical education curriculum will cover skills such as: running, throwing, catching, tagging, reaction time, loco-motor movements, and body management. The curriculum will also incorporate concepts of health awareness, nutrition, fire safety, mathematics, teamwork, and color recognition. Activities in class will range from movement to music to teamwork problem solving. The fundamentals of team sports are taught, and Godly sportsmanship is emphasized.

Miss Julie Hensley

Julie Hensley

  • Teaches:  P.E. grades Kindergarten-6th grade