Band (Instrumental Music)

Fourth Grade (Recorders)

Textbook: “Recorder Express” by Artie Almeida and other hand-written easy pieces and transcriptions. Provided by the school.

Students will learn to play their first instrument, the recorder. They will use this instrument to become acquainted with horn care, practice routines, and performance etiquette. Students will learn to read and write music, understand simple music theory, and play their instrument in unison and in divided parts.

Fifth Grade (Beginning Band)

Textbook: “Standard of Excellence, Book One” by Bruce Pearson. Purchased by student.

Students will learn about, then choose, one of four main beginning band instruments. They will learn about the instrument families and a brief history of each. They will use their chosen horn to practice horn care, practice routines and performance etiquette. Beginning band is a slow-paced class that provides an easy introduction to the unison playing of multiple instruments.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade (Middle School Band)

Textbook: A selection of band literature that is appropriate for a middle school – junior high school band. It will cover a variety of styles, ranges, and difficulty levels. Provided by the school.

Students will put the skills learned in beginning band to practical use. They will begin reading quality band literature that is appropriate for a middle school band. This will involve moving from unison playing to multiple part playing with solos.

The maturing instrumentalist will increase their range and improve their reading and sight reading skills. Some older or more advanced students might use this opportunity to switch to larger or more exotic instruments. This class should provide all students with the enjoyable experience of playing in a larger, more diversified band, and should provide an effortless transition to high school band.


9th-12th Grade:

High School students are given the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Band as an elective.  They are also eligible to participate in ILCA’s Chapel Band.


Mr. Glen Henry

Glen Henry