ILCA Dress Code

Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy
North Aspen Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Dress Code – detailed .pdf download with signature form available here

The dress code policy begins when the student arrives on campus and will be enforced accordingly.

A student enrolled midyear or during the semester will have no more than five school days to meet dress code requirements. Dress pants (preferably in khaki), skirts, dresses, and collared shirts will be acceptable on those days. Jeans will not be permitted.

Purpose Statement 

We believe that a dress code is conducive to good study habits and that physical appearance and self-image are closely related. Thus the student’s quality of appearance upgrades the student’s attitude toward self, others, their school, and responsibilities.


The student’s appearance is a parental as well as a personal responsibility. We count on you, as parents, to help your child to be properly dressed each day. Therefore, any actions taken by ILCA to enforce the dress code will be primarily directed toward the parents, though such actions will, by necessity, impact the student himself. Each student is responsible for adhering to regulations regarding dress codes and personal appearance at school and school functions. This adherence is an indication of the student’s willingness to submit to authority, to abide by school regulations, and express an attitude of appreciation for being a student at ILCA.

All teachers, both full and part-time, are responsible to see that dress code regulations are met. Infractions, detentions, and/or suspensions will be given to students violating the ILCA dress code. Dress code infractions will be handled through the Headmaster’s and Associate Administrator’s office upon receipt of a teacher-generated e-mail stating the violation. Some dress code violations will require a parent to bring an appropriate uniform in order to bring the student into dress code compliance.

Allowable clothing can be purchased through French Toast ( or catalog – our source code is QS5ZIBE), Academy Sports, J.C. Penney, Lands’ End ( – our source code is 9001-2548-5, our monogram code is 0822800K), or C & J Uniforms, located at Fontana Shopping Center, 51st and Memorial, Tulsa, OK. ILCA Monogramming is available thru French Toast, Lands’ End or C & J Uniforms for knit polo, Peter Pan, and oxford cloth shirts, sweaters and vests.

*All references to khaki should be understood to be beige/tan and not green or white. 

NOTE: Kindergarten-Fourth Grades:  The Early Childhood team is requesting that their students wear an ILCA approved pale yellow polo shirt when attending all ILCA field trips. Shirts may be found at local Academy Sports and Outdoors stores, as well as at At this time, Academy is the only store approved for the purchase of this particular uniform shirt.

When cold weather necessitates a heavier coat be worn, it may only be worn outside of the classroom.

Shoes:                                     All Grades

No open-toe shoes
*Tennis shoes that tie are required for gym class.

 Socks:                                      All Grades

Must be worn at all times.

Belts:                                       All Grades

Must be worn at all times if slacks/shorts/skorts/skirts have belt loops. Fabric or leather.  Solid colored blue, brown, khaki, or black

Spirit Day Attire: 

Spirit Days will be designated throughout the year. These days are open for students to wear their Crusader Spirit t-shirts or ILCA sweatshirts with blue jeans or blue jean shorts. The only acceptable color of jeans is blue. Crusader t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies must be worn. Those students who wish not to participate in Crusader Day will be expected to be in full school uniform.

  • Crusader Spirit t-shirts may also be worn on field trips at the teacher’s
  • Crusader Spirit t-shirts will be worn on track and field day in
  • Crusader Spirit t-shirts will be sold at the beginning of the school
High School Spirit Fridays:

9th-12th grade students are permitted to wear blue jeans or jean shorts with an ILCA approved shirt on Fridays and for other occasions as permitted by administration. The Spirit Day Attire guidelines listed above are applicable to these occasions. This is a privilege that may be revoked in the event of a student discipline incident.

All clothing must be in good condition without patches on knees or missing buttons, no frayed edges, tears or stains.

Jewelry:                                   All Grades

Boys – Earrings may not be worn in the building or at any school function.

Girls – No more than two pair  of  simple  earrings  may  be  worn  at  one  time. Earrings may not be large or dangling to excess.

High School Girls ONLY: May wear a double-piercing if it meets the size criteria of administration.

Watches may be worn.

Simple cross necklaces may be worn. Gauged spacers are not allowed.

No other jewelry will be allowed at school.

Hair:                                         All Grades

Boys’ and girls’ hair must be well groomed.

Boys’ hair may not touch the eyebrows, cover any part of the ear, or touch the collar. Unusual hair colors are not permitted. Extreme or distracting hair styles or hair accessories are not permitted.

No facial hair.

Sideburns may not extend below the earlobe.

Hair accessories should match school uniform colors and not be distracting. Feathers or other hair accessories are not permitted.

Make-up:                                  K-6 Not permitted

Grades 7-12 –Make-up should reflect Christian standards of good taste and judgment. Glitter makeup of any kind is not allowed. False eyelashes are not permitted.

Body art or writing on body of any kind is not permitted.

Hats, Misc.:                              All Grades

No hats allowed in the building from the time students enter in the morning until school is dismissed. No body piercing or tattoos.

No sunglasses in the building.

In order for the student to comply with the spirit of the dress code, ILCA administration has the final authority on any look that is distracting from the overall appearance of the student. Dress code decisions are made solely by the school administration and are not subject to appeal. Any special clothing needs for a student may be brought to the attention of the administration for consideration.

Romans 12:1-2 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.